Athkatla is a large port town that rests a few miles south of the Cloud Peaks, a prominent mountainous region. It is located in the middle of the trade route between southern provinces such as Calimshan, and northerly ones such as Waterdeep. Because of this, it is by far the largest and busiest harbor in all of Amn. It is the capital of this nation and is a predominantly human city of great wealth and diverse culture. Races such as Dwarves, Elves, Gnomes, and Halflings also inhabit and frequent Athkatla in significant numbers.

Athkatla is led by a wealthy but ultimately corrupt government. The city is rife with crime and possesses a long standing fear of mages and sorcerers. As such, arcane magic is officially banned within the borders of the city by an authority composed of mages known as the Cowled Wizards. However this has not prevented magical atrocities, the villainous mage Jon Irenicus once blew up an entire section of Waukeen’s Promenade, a prominent marketplace within Athkatla. Those who enter Athkatla wishing to cast or otherwise use magics must “earn the trust” of the Council by either doing some dirty work or paying a large sum of money as a bribe, or both. Divine magic as used by clerics is tolerated.

Athkatla is divided up into 8 main districts. The Bridge District, the Temple District; the Government District; the City Gates; the Slums; the Graveyard District; Waukeen’s Promenade (a large marketplace); and the Docks (home to the Shadow Thieves, Harpers and other organizations).

Locations of note

The Five Flagons – Located in The Bridge District, this is a clean and bustling drinking establishment. This tavern has fast become famous for serving every known drink in Faerûn.

Waukeen’s Promenade – The promenade is a prominent, oval-shaped marketplace, located in the heart of Athkatla. The Promenade is named after Waukeen, the Goddess of Wealth. A good portion of it was destroyed by the evil Mage Jon Irenicus. Located within the Promenade are general shops, bookshops, homes, a carnival, shops carrying various sundries, inns, and the Adventurer’s Mart, run by former adventurer Ribald Barterman.

The Copper Coronet – A very large, but decrepit meeting place of smugglers, pirates and peasants located within the slums. It also functions as a brothel, and also frequently stages illegal animal fights in a small arena hidden in the back.

Trademeet – A small town in the countryside of Amn east of Athkatla. It is a small but prosperous merchant town. Most merchant’s passing through camp outside, but for those with wealth, a fine room can be acquired at Vyatri’s Pub.


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