Melodic Chain +1

A beautiful chain shirt given to Tanaven upon joining the Harpers.


Chain Shirt + 1
(+3 max dex bonus)
Attunement: The armor is light enough to be worn without proficiency. A bard gains one extra use of inspiration per day. Only attuneable by a bard.

Special: The armor is sentient to know whether or not it’s attempted wearer is a bard. It simply will not fit anyone who isn’t a bard.


The Bards of Melody were a small band of half-elf bardic scholars who entertained and defended scattered elven communities throughout Calimshan. Enchantments allowed only minstrels to wear their armor, the magical links sliding together to produce beautiful melodies as they danced or fought. Unfortunately the Bards of Melody were disbanded hundreds of years ago, and the secret of ‘playing’ the armor faded with them

Melodic Chain +1

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