Arbane's Sword of Agility

A glowing red blade found in the dragon hatchery cave.


+1 attack/damage rolls
Attunement: wearer is immune to hold person, 1/day wearer can cast haste on themselves which lasts for 5 rounds no concentration, this function stops if the wearer isn’t wielding Arbane. The sword is also able to shed red light upon it’s wielder’s command


One of many created in the name of the mage who first discovered how to enchant a blade in this manner, this was the weapon of the outlaw Garno, and many a cleric died at its edge. Garno became disillusioned with the gods when his family was put to the torch by clerics of Loviatar, and spent his life seeking revenge. Despite his focused hatred of the devout, it is thought that one of the gods of chaos had a hand in Garno’s acquisition of this sword, delighting in the havoc that followed the young man.

Arbane's Sword of Agility

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