Tanaven Mallryst

Played by Andy


“I know a song about a bard who told a story about a man who knew a song about a girl that loved a boy who was a warrior that went on a quest to slay a dragon…”

Tanaven Mallryst


Tanaven was born the only son of a human father and an elf mother. His father was an extremely talented jeweler whose work often matched or exceeded the work of elves. His mother played the harp and was part of those that played for royalty and dignitaries. They met in Silverymoon while he was there on business and she was there performing. They decided to stay in Silverymoon and there they had a child, Tanaven.

Tanaven grew up in a house filled with love and music. To say that music was in his blood would be an understatement. It seemed to be infused in his being, and it was quickly understood that he could do wondrous things with music.

At about his twenty first birthday, he made his decision that he needed to see the world. His parents supported his decision, but urged him to first learn some basic self-defense skills. He spent a year learning to use a shortbow as well as a rapier. He did not come close to mastering these weapons because he simply could no longer wait to travel the world.

He travelled mostly along the coast south of Waterdeep and down into Amn. He found that if he could find an Inn, he could generally entertain the guests in exchange for room and board. He quickly grew to love this life style as it suited him perfectly.

He met many strange and wonderful folk along his journeys. One fellow was a Bard named Handrick Oakgrove. Handrick taught him the ways and magic of a true Bard. He taught him how his song can inspire others, and his spells can help in untold ways.

He also travelled with a Halfling named Simon Softfoot. Simon was a very talented rogue, and he passed along some of his knowledge to Tanaven. Although this was not Tanaven’s specialty, he actually proved to have some talent.

Another fellow he met was a half-elven Monk named Leosin Erlanthar. Tanaven apparently offended a local musician by simply being better than him. Tanaven had no idea this fellow was a minor noble. Tanaven really meant no harm, but the other fellow had a few friends with him and waited for Tanaven to leave for the night. Tanaven was in a bit of a tight spot, and steel was drawn. Leosin, however, saw what was happening and intervened in the scrap. The louts had no chance and the noble was humiliated, and Tanaven and Leosin quickly became friends.

The two travelled together for a time enjoying each other’s company. Leosin would always joke with Tanaven telling him that he owed him a favor and someday he would collect. Leosin did not divulge too much of his business, but Tanaven surmised that he was investigating some group in these parts, and it could potentially be dangerous.

Tanaven has been travelling and entertaining for several years now and is of a mind to head back to Silverymoon to see his parents. He is presently in Athkatla and soon will be travelling north.

Tanaven Mallryst

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