Ilsa Dain

Inactive (Played by Richard)



Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Height: 5’10"
Weight: It is improper to ask such things of a lady!
Appearance: Tall, toned, and curvy with a pretty sun kissed face and featuring bown hair and eyes. Generally nicely dressed or geared with armor and weapons very well kept. She does not look the part of a warrior despite the presence of arms.

Profession: Fighter
Level: 4
Aligned: Neutral Good

Strength: 14
Dexterity: 18
Constitution: 14
Intelligence: 10
Wisdom: 11
Charisma: 12


Skills: Acrobatics, Animal Handling, Insight, Persuasion, .

Languages: Common, .

Feats: Sharpshooter; Attacking at long range does not impose disadvantage. Your ranged weapon attacks ignore half cover and three-quarters cover. Can choose to take a -5 attack role and add +10 to the attack’s damage.

Class Features: Fighting Style – Archery; gain +2 bonus with ranged weapons. Second Wind; Use bonus action to regain 1d10 + (Lvl) of hit points. Action Surge; Take one additional action on your turn. Martial Archetype – Champion; Improved Critical on roll of 19 & 20. Ability Score Improvement; +2 to Dexterity.

Ilsa Dain’s Journal


I am the daughter of Del Dain, Merchant of Waterdeep, and his wife, Corrine. Raised much of my life on caravan wagons traveling the roads of the Sword Coast, Papa wanted to teach the family business; good money and a secure life he always said. The traveling aside, It was “so” boring! I just wanted enough money to get by. Counting gold by candlelight seemed lonely and pointless. How many times do you need to count gold?

I have never felt Papa was disappointed in me, though he must have felt great reservation when I sneaked off with my allowance and purchased a rusty old sword some years back. I wanted to be able to help the guardsmen if trouble arose. That seemed so much more appealing than trying to buy and peddle goods across the north coast.

When I persisted on having the guards teach me to use my pitiful sword, Papa insisted I get proper training and bought me a sword; one that would not likely break the first time I needed to use it. As I got older they gifted me armor and a shield. One summer Momma gave me a fine horse with a beautiful saddle. I soon began wearing the garb of a guardsman and certainly felt I looked the part, but I received many odd looks. Even today, people oft imply I’m “playing” at guardsman and should change back into my dress. I oft imply they are idiots, but I digress.

Curiously it was a gift from Momma that set my future as a guardsman and adventurer. She found a rich, dark stained, oaken bow in one of the trade centers we visited. She thought it might keep me from sword-play and reduce risk taking on my part. It turned out I was a natural with bows. After just a few weeks practice I could out shoot guards many years older than me. My first actual fight defending Papa’s wagons resulted in my first Orc kills. Some months later I felled a pair of brigands. I had found my calling and despite appearances, I was pretty good at it.

Papa passed a few months back. Upon his deathbed he shared a great guilt and asked that I right his wrong. I did not tell Momma; it would not serve any benefit for her to know. Papa’s friend Ackyn gave some information to point me in the right direction for my journey. I told Momma goodbye and headed out alone for the first time. My lifetime of travels, many encounters with merchants and customers, and determination to succeed will have to be enough for me to prevail.

As it turns out, It was the last thing Ackyn told me that has stuck in my head. It is the name of a secret organization that I would have to find and undermine; the Cult of the Dragon. As I processed this information and my task, I hoped it would not be too difficult…

Ilsa Dain

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